Mark McFarlane

Founder, Director, Product lead and mobile developer

About Mark

Mark is the director of Tacchi Studios, a mobile and web development studio based in Shibuya, Tokyo. When not working closely with Tacchi's clients or tinkering with technology Mark loves to cycle and eat good food. He's @marky_mc on Twitter, you should follow him! Tacchi Studios can also be found at @tacchistudios.



React and React Native are becoming an increasingly important aspect of our client and in-house work. They’re fantastic platforms for rapid and performant software development for the web and mobile. As our team continues to broaden our experience with the technology, we’ve been feeling a growing desire to help grow Tokyo’s React community, share our

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This week I was invited by the team at Le Wagon Tokyo to speak at one of their regular events about user experience design. Instead of talking about design from a designer’s perspective, I wanted to share with the broad spectrum of attendees some of my experiences and advice on how to build effective digital

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I was honored to be invited to give a short talk and join the discussion panel to share my experiences on digital product design for travel and tourism at last night’s “A Conversation on Travel Media Creative Views”. The event coincided with the book launch of “99+1 – Traveling Through Art, Design & Architecture”, created

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  I was very grateful to be invited to speak once again at this month’s UX Talk Tokyo, one of my favourite regular events in the city. It was hosted by the fine folks from Indeed at their nice Ebisu Garden Place office. This time, I decided to share some of my experiences and thoughts on the

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Last night I was very grateful to be invited to join a panel discussion alongside some of Tokyo’s finest entrepreneurs at Singapore-based BEAM Tokyo event, held at CyberAgent Ventures’ office in Shinjuku. It was a fantastic evening of meeting fellow entrepreneurs, developers, designers and more. It was very rewarding to be able to share my experiences

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