• graniph-android-and-ios-app-product

    Design Tshirts Store graniph

    iOS, Android, web service

    We helped one of Japan’s hottest fashion retailers reach a growing mobile customer base.

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  • speedlearning-espritline-web-service-android-ios-app-desktop-ipad-mobile

    Speed Learning

    iOS, Android, web

    Native mobile apps, web dashboards, multimedia content encoding and distribution, ecommerce, speech recognition, desktop and mobile video conferencing… you name it, for Speed Learning we’ve probably built it.

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  • nicolai-bergmann-e-commerce-website-desktop-mobile

    Nicolai Bergmann


    A new, custom e-commerce solution worthy of Nicolai Bergmann’s fantastic designer brand.

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  • people-make-places-ios-app-website-desktop-ipad-mobile

    People Make Places

    iOS, web

    iOS and web companions to a beautiful book and concierge service of the same name.

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  • summerbird-e-commerce-website-desktop-ipad-mobile



    A delicious combination of brand site and e-commerce for the luxury Danish confectioner’s Japan market entry.

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  • canvas-social-web-app-desktop-ipad-mobile



    An in-house project to create the definitive community hub for creative individuals and businesses in Tokyo.

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