A bilingual Cloud Recruiting Management System that helps companies hire and build great teams.

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    Design - UI / UX design, service identity, and corporate website.

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    Development - Ruby on Rails web service, Heroku pipeline infrastructure, integrations with multiple external job boards.

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    Support - Ongoing, sprint-based agile software development and design since 2015.

  • design-icon

    Design - UI / UX design, service identity, and corporate website.

  • development-icon

    Development - Ruby on Rails web service, Heroku pipeline infrastructure, integrations with multiple external job boards.

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    Support - Ongoing, sprint-based agile software development and design since 2015.

The founders of HirePlanner had years of experience of in-house HR for companies including Apple and Tesla. They came to Tacchi back in 2014 looking for a partner to help them develop a new platform to fill the software gaps that they and their peers had experienced in the field.

Our work included creating a professional and modern brand identity for the product, designing and developing the platform itself, and producing a refined multi-audience marketing website.

As their business has grown, we have continued to work closely with HirePlanner as their product design and development partner to support the addition of a number of new features and ensure the service continues to run smoothly.

Identity design

As part of our full-service work, a refined identity for the product was necessary to ensure the business was marketable to its customers. In particular, it was important that customers perceived HirePlanner to be a stable, secure, modern, and high quality service that could be relied upon, particularly with personal and business data.


A part of this is a visual concept that effortlessly fits the nature of the product without coming across as unrefined. This is a delicate balancing act and we made sure to explore a number of visual concepts before settling on one that everyone involved in the project felt was the best choice.

The outcome was a logo and style guidelines for the brand and UI that ensured the business' identity felt consistent and refined when applied to the product's user interface, its marketing materials, and other contexts.

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  • hireplanner-design-guidelines-corporate-logo-variations
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Service design
and development

hireplanner-application-tablet-and-mobile hireplanner-application-tablet-and-mobile

Many businesses of all sizes in Japan had very outdated and inefficient hiring management tools and processes. HirePlanner was designed as a better way to manage this important business activity.

In the beginning, the HirePlanner team already had a general site structure in mind, so we worked with them to design the UI based on that structure and the service identity we had previously created. In addition, we consulted on technical feasibility, budget planning, and product strategy before starting development work.

After releasing the first version we have continued working with HirePlanner until the present day to release new features and improvements on a regular basis.

Key features

  • hireplanner-application-tracking-system

    Application Tracking System (ATS)

    At the core of HirePlanner is its ATS, where companies can screen and track applications, arrange interviews, export reports, and more.

  • hireplanner-careers-page

    Careers pages

    Companies can link to their branded pages on HirePlanner's service from their website, keeping their branding continuous throughout.

  • hireplanner-hosted-job-boards

    Hosted jobs board

    A place for candidates to discover jobs at member companies, and learn more about the companies and their culture.

  • hireplanner-third-party-job-board

    Third party job board integrationsd

    We built integrations with Indeed, Career Cross, and Hotel Kyujin, allowing member companies to easily cross post their jobs on complementary job boards.

  • hireplanner-agency-portal

    Agency portal

    Companies can connect with a large range of agencies in Japan and choose to invite them to easily submit candidates via HirePlanner, nicely integrating with its other management tools.

hireplanner-application-requisition hireplanner-application-requisition

corporate website

HirePlanner’s marketing website posed a unique challenge due to its need to speak to three target audiences, namely the employers using the platform, the recruiting agencies that want to submit candidates, and the individual candidates themselves. We ensured that all visitors were able to quickly and easily identify which type of customer they were and navigate to the section of the site containing the information they need.

hireplanner-corporate-website-tablet hireplanner-corporate-website-tablet

Of course we ensured the site had a refined visual presentation, was responsive to work effectively on devices of all screen sizes, and had a markup structure that was easily scanned by search engines. We were able to achieve all of this in a handful of days with a quick turnaround.

Using WordPress as the base platform for the site ensured that the HirePlanner team could easily make updates to the content without needing to ask us for help. Providing business-enabling tools such as this is an important part of the way we like to work.


“ From the very beginning, Tacchi Studios played a critical role in helping us build a robust and reliable recruitment platform. This has helped us build credibility with our customers early on. The success and growth we know today simply would not have been possible without their support and expertise!

Their team is extremely competent, reliable, flexible and fun to work with. We trust them and I couldn’t ask for a better business partner! ”

Fabien BROGARD CIPRIANI Founder & President of HirePlanner
Founder & President of HirePlanner

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