Mark McFarlane

Founder, Director, Product lead and mobile developer

About Mark

Mark is the director of Tacchi Studios, a mobile and web development studio based in Shibuya, Tokyo. When not working closely with Tacchi's clients or tinkering with technology Mark loves to cycle and eat good food. He's @marky_mc on Twitter, you should follow him! Tacchi Studios can also be found at @tacchistudios.



We’re very pleased to announce that our working relationship with the team at Stripe Japan is now even closer thanks to Tacchi becoming the first official Stripe Verified Partner in Japan. We were honored when the Stripe team invited Tacchi to join the program, which required us to share information about the various Stripe integrations

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It’s been a year since we started React Hack Tokyo, our round table group for high level discussion about React, React Native, and the wider Javascript ecosystem. We’ve been so happy with the response to the event from its attendees, and have really enjoyed hosting it. However, we realised a couple of things that made

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Anthony Joh just published a podcast of the fun chat he and I had a few weeks ago about entrepreneurship, working with clients, creativity and many other things. If you’ve heard any of the other podcasts featuring me, you may be getting a bit bored of hearing my backstory, sorry about that! But Anthony poses

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Learning is a core part of Tacchi’s team culture. In order to stay at the forefront of the fast-moving worlds of technology and design we must be constantly updating our knowledge and experience. However, learning about the wider world is a natural passion of all Tacchi members, and sometimes it’s nice to learn something random

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React and React Native are becoming an increasingly important aspect of our client and in-house work. They’re fantastic platforms for rapid and performant software development for the web and mobile. As our team continues to broaden our experience with the technology, we’ve been feeling a growing desire to help grow Tokyo’s React community, share our

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