マクファーレン マーク

Founder, Director, Product lead and mobile developer


Mark is the director of Tacchi Studios, a mobile and web development studio based in Shibuya, Tokyo. When not working closely with Tacchi's clients or tinkering with technology Mark loves to cycle and eat good food. He's @marky_mc on Twitter, you should follow him! Tacchi Studios can also be found at @tacchistudios.



[ただいま英語のみ] Last night I was very grateful to be invited to join a panel discussion alongside some of Tokyo’s finest entrepreneurs at Singapore-based BEAM’s very first Tokyo event, held at CyberAgent Ventures’ office in Shinjuku.

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[ただいま英語のみ] Thanks to everyone who came to Canvas Round Table #2 last night at Tacchi Studios! It was a wonderful night of freeform group chat, meeting new faces, sharing and learning, and of course drinking.

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[ただいま英語のみ] So last night we were very pleased to be able to help good friend of the studio, Johnny Linnert, to host the first of his new series of workshops on beginning Swift development, titled Command Swift.

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[ただいま英語のみ] Part of our job at Tacchi is being up to date with all the new technologies, platforms, techniques, news etc. Email newsletters are a great way of having content sent to you.

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[ただいま英語のみ] I’m not a fan of public speaking, but really wanted to share our work so far. I was very nervous just before getting up on stage, but thanks to all the amazing friends who came along to support me I quickly settled into my spiel.

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