Here are a few of the things our team found useful or interesting this past week.


A collection of identity style guides from around the world
Here’s a fantastic list of brands you very likely know and are perhaps a customer of. Definitely a useful resource for identity designers.

How Apple makes soft-UI the future
A look at Apple’s soft-UI. It’s interesting to see how its UI has changed over the years and has become progressively softer.

Make your PWA feel more like an app
A nice write-up on many modern technologies that can be used to make a Progressive Web App (an app that runs in the browser) be a little more powerful and more “app-like”. Some are quite specific to particular use cases (audio playback, file downloading, etc), but this is certainly worth reading for anyone working on web apps.

Mobile-app onboarding: an analysis of components and techniques
Ineffective onboarding is all too common on mobile apps. This is a great guide on what to consider before jumping into designing that invasive four-screen flow before allowing your user to actually use your product.

Uber rebrand: logotype
I came across this while conducting research for an identity design project we’re working on. I particularly like the way the modifications to the typeface are presented. This is something all identity designers will have to do at some point.


Set the Message-ID mail header in Rails3 / ActionMailer
We have been noticing that some of our rails ActionMailer emails are increasingly being classified as Spam/Junk, and in some cases not being received at all. It turns out that ActionMailer’s default ‘Message-ID’ header is not RFC compliant when using direct SMTP. In short, the ‘Message-ID’ header must have the format ‘<[uid]@[]>‘. Don’t forget those angle brackets!