Here are a few of the things our team found useful or interesting this past week.


Happy Birthday WebFonts!
Following on from the recent anniversary of “responsive web design” comes one for another important historical event that changed web design, the birth of WebFonts. We use WebFonts on pretty much every website we build these days, and can’t imagine building sites without them! Happy Birthday!

New logo for Nissan done in-house
A bold identity refresh from Nissan, done in-house. I’m interested to see how this feels when seen out on the streets on car bonnets, advertising, and so on.

The return of the 90s web
The more things change, the more they stay the same…


Exposure Notification
Apple has open sourced some of their code from the recent Exposure Notification framework, designed to help the world tackle the COVID situation.

How to create a GitHub profile README
Some cool uses for GitHub’s new profile README feature. I particularly like the idea of using GitHub Actions to pull in new data, such as blog updates, new commits, etc.

A peek at Ruby 3’s upcoming type system
Ruby’s creator Matz said Ruby 3 will support static typing. Recently Soutaro Matsumoto, a core team member, wrote an article outlining what this new type system looks like and how you write code using it.
Adam A


Privacy Policies and Terms of Use: 5 common mistakes
Some great advice (as usual) from the NN team on how to provide legal information to your customers without damaging your relationship with them.