This past week, we’ve been working with our clients on brand identity, wireflows, and hi-fi designs. Here are a few links we found interesting.


Font in logo
In case you wondered what font is used in the famous logo, now you can find out! Cool resource!

The guide to design
A neat little guide for determining if UX is something you’re interested in. Bonus: The site itself is quite playful.

How to satisfy “99.9%” of gamers on Steam with UX and UI design?
Nice article about the faults and improvements Steam could make with their UI. A nice read to learn more about building gaming platform UI and understanding ‘Gamers’ as a target audience.
Adam P

YouTube Sans: the making of a typeface
Here is an interesting and detailed look into the creation of YouTube Sans. The animations on the page itself are a nice bonus!


CSS news July 2020
Some nice recent CSS features explained in here. Flexbox additions are always welcome!

Clipping and masking in CSS

Clipping and Masking in CSS
Especially these days, designers love masking everything from background images to simple SVG shapes (including myself). It’s a good article to read to learn how clipping and masking can be done with CSS.
Adam P

New in Chrome: CSS overview
This could be very useful when reviewing CSS in the browser.

Stripe’s billing portal

Stripe’s billing portal
Stripe has recently launched a billing portal you can offer your app’s customers to manage all things related to their subscription billing such as updating their credit card details. This ultimately means less code for you to write and can help you launch your v1 product sooner rather than later.
Adam A