Here are a few of the things our team found useful or interesting this past week.


From Sketch to Webflow: how to turn mockups into live websites
This is an interesting process for turning your Sketch files into Webflow sites. I wonder though if it’s much quicker than doing it manually…

Frustrating design patterns: mega-dropdown hover menus

Frustrating design patterns: Mega-dropdown hover menus
Mega-dropdown hover menus are indeed frustrating! Here is an in-depth look at why.

The psychology of Clubhouse’s user retention (…and churn)
A nicely informative case study on Clubhouse’s user retention. Clubhouse mentions have been ever-present in a number of the podcasts and other media I consume and while feedback was positive initially, what I hear mostly now is criticism. This case study may explain some of the reasons why.

What is pass-through blending?
Good general knowledge for most (all?) graphic editing software that allow color blending and grouping.


RailsConf 2021 videos are now available to watch on RubyCentral’s YouTube channel
Whilst all the videos are available on the channel they have yet to organize them all into one playlist so a little digging is required.
Adam A


Welcome to the terrible world of prescription-only apps
This is an alarming direction for the industry! Hopefully this won’t start becoming the norm…