This week, among other things, we’re styling in Shopify and designing in Figma. Here are a few links we found interesting and helpful.


A complete guide to Flexbox
As a Flexbox newb, this complete guide is handy and easy to follow.

Is redesigning your mobile app a bad idea?
If you’re thinking of redesigning your mobile app, here are some things you should consider first!

Tips to fasten Figma workflow
As the caption says, this is a collection of tips for working faster in Figma. Particularly for those of us comparing Figma with other tools like Sketch, perhaps one of these will help make your decision easier.

User Onboarding: Is HEY Email Worth It?
A great case study breaking down the pluses and minuses of the onboarding process for HEY, Basecamp’s new email service.


React Native Stripe payments
A new library for handling Stripe payments through React Native, to compete with the incumbent, (which we’ve used). I’m hoping we’ll get a library compatible with React Native Web sometime soon!

Khan Engineering: our transition to React Native
Another company well-known for its engineering shares their experiences with Stripe. Always a good read for product owners weighing up their native app development options.