Learning is a core part of Tacchi’s team culture. In order to stay at the forefront of the fast-moving worlds of technology and design we must be constantly updating our knowledge and experience.

However, learning about the wider world is a natural passion of all Tacchi members, and sometimes it’s nice to learn something random that you might not have the opportunity to learn as part of a normal job role.

Therefore, when Tacchi member Rob joined the studio he decided to introduce a new way to share and learn – it’s called “Learnch”. In case it wasn’t obvious already, it stands for “Learning Lunch”, and is an informal gathering for team members and guests to get together and learn something over lunch.

Presentations range from industry-related topics such as design techniques, tools and processes, new technologies and frameworks, recaps of client workshops, research and so on, to more random things, such as Google maps tours of our favourite cities around the world, music-making, photography, filmmaking and more.

We absolutely love it when friends and acquaintances of the studio join us to share their favourite knowledge in a short presentation followed by a fun group discussion! It’s a small and very informal occasion, with fewer than ten people relaxing on the sofas in our “situation room”.

So we urge you to get in touch and let us know if you’d like to visit us one lunchtime and share something. We’ll provide a warm welcome and a tasty bento lunch from one of our favourite local eateries. Just email hello@tacchistudios.com with details of what you’d like to talk about, and a selection of dates that work well for you!

We look forward to learnching with you soon!