The official Tacchi meetup list

Tacchi meetup list – Last updated November 30th 2016

I love Tokyo for so many different reasons, but in particular I love building a studio here because of the city’s incredibly talented and supportive creative community. I’ve had the immense pleasure of meeting, collaborating with, being inspired by, owing huge favours to, and (whenever I could find a chance) helping so many of Tokyo’s brightest and rising creative stars. It’s without a doubt that Tacchi wouldn’t be nearly as successful as it is right now if it weren’t for the support and inspiration provided by so many ever since I started learning to build apps back in 2009.

Here’s a list of our team’s favourite meetups. We attend almost every time they occur, so if you’re looking for a chance to meet us, perhaps attend one of them and come say hi!


Canvas Tokyo Creative Events List

A shameless plug for our own platform! We started the Canvas site in order to create the number one place to find other Tokyo-based creatives, their work, and events that are happening in the community. We run our own Canvas events, such as the big meetup, Round Tables and more. You can also find events organized by others in the listing.


UX Talk Tokyo

“A meet-up discussion group for people interested in User Experience and User Interface design.”


Ride the Lightning

“Designers + Developers + Beer + Lightning talks!
The idea is simple: meet great new people, show off your work, talk about your workflow, get inspired. Join us monthly at the AQ office!”


Tokyo iOS meetup

“This meetup is primarily for people interested in anything related to programming for the iOS platform (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad). Our members include both professional programmers and interested hobbyists: those who program for a living, those who are working on side projects, and people who are doing it just for fun.

We exist primarily so that people who have something to share can share it with others and people who have questions can have their questions answered. Everybody can learn in the exchange.

Mostly, our meetings are informal gatherings where people can ask specific questions or show off their work. Developers may given presentations about apps they have worked on, showing how they made it or talking about their various issues. Each meeting, we will also try to focus our discussion around some specific topics relating to iOS development.

So, if you are an iOS developer, working on an iOS project, or just curious about making software, please feel free to join us!”


Tokyo Android meetup

“Tokyo Android Developers is a group for anyone that is interested in Android and development for Android. Our group includes many experienced developers and graphics artists as well as beginners and people curious about this great platform. Feel welcome to join :)

At our Meetups, we share tips, experience, teach one another, and network with one another.No experience is necessary, just an enthusiasm for software development and willingness to learn.Japanese Speakers Welcome.”


Pecha Kucha

“PechaKucha Nights are informal and fun gatherings where creative people get together and share their ideas, works, thoughts, holiday snaps — just about anything, really — in the PechaKucha 20×20 format.”



PauseTalk is a regular series of events that takes place at Cafe Pause in Tokyo (2-14-12-1F Minami-Ikebukuro, 03-5950-6117) usually on the first Monday of every month, with a start time of 20:00. The idea is to create a forum where Tokyo-based creatives (or anyone passing through) can get together and discuss their own projects, as well as cultural currents of the city.

Note – PauseTalk will have it’s last edition on March 2nd 2015.


Hacker news

“A semi-regular Hacker News meetup in Tokyo”