Here are a few of the things our team found useful or interesting this past week.


Prototyping tools in 2021
Covers a good list of UI and design prototyping tools we also use or have used in the past. Interesting to see Webflow mentioned as a prototyping tool and certainly makes sense to be used as a testing platform!
Adam P

Rails design patterns
As the article states, this is “a high-level overview of design patterns that are commonly used in Ruby on Rails applications.” So in other words, these aren’t Rails or Ruby-only design patterns, but rather design patterns that commonly show up in Rails apps. This could be a good refresher if you’re coming back to Rails after a hiatus, or as a learning tool to up your mad skillz.

10 easy tricks to improve your website design

10 easy tricks to improve your website design
Although these tricks aren’t failproof, they serve as a great starting point if you’re not sure where to begin designing a site.


Internationalization in WordPress 5.0
A little bit of old news but Javascript integration (i.e. using JSON locale files instead of PO and MO files) with WordPress’s PHP based localization is possible with Gutenberg. A good tutorial to go through in making this conversion.
Adam P

Ruby has hidden a little easter egg
Open up IRB and type the following `IRB.send :easter_egg` to see what it is. Found via the ruby community on Reddit.
Adam A