Here are a few of the things our team found useful or interesting this past week.


Dear young designer
Some nice advice. It feels like quite a few of these are applicable to more than just design as well.

How to design brand identity stylescapes by Futur
Here is a useful guide on how to utilize stylescapes to communicate with clients.

The current state of homepage UX – 8 common pitfalls
While I don’t agree with all of the points raised, there’s certainly a lot of food for thought in this informative article.

What does the Safari 15 update mean for my designs?
The biggest visual changes in iOS 15 appear to be for Safari. This article is a comprehensive look into everything that has changed.


What’s new in ES2021
Short explanations of new features in ES2021. I’ve always liked Ruby’s numeric separator for the ease of reading large numbers it provides and it’s nice to see JavaScript is getting something similar.