It’s been a year since we started React Hack Tokyo, our round table group for high level discussion about React, React Native, and the wider Javascript ecosystem. We’ve been so happy with the response to the event from its attendees, and have really enjoyed hosting it.

However, we realised a couple of things that made us want to revisit the series moving forward. First, we decided we wanted to do a similar event for the other foundational technology we use in our daily work, Ruby on Rails. We also started to feel that some topics were being brought up regularly and that having the event every month may not be so necessary.

So we decided to move React Hack to a bi-monthly schedule, and in the gaps start a Rails round table series. We chose to keep them under the same Meetup group, which we renamed from React Hack Tokyo to Tokyo Dev Round Tables.

Please check out our Meetup group if you’d like to join either the React or Rails editions in the future. We’d love to see you there!