Mark McFarlane

Founder, Director, Product lead and mobile developer

About Mark

A British-born veteran of Tokyo's software engineering and design community, Mark is Managing Director of Tacchi. When not working on cool design and technology projects with startups and established brands, Mark loves to go mountain biking in the Japanese countryside, play squash, hit the climbing gym, or play board and video games.

  • The official Tacchi meetup list Tacchi meetup list - Last updated November 30th 2016 I love Tokyo for so many different reasons, but in particular I love building a studio here because of the city’s incredibly talented and supportive creative community. I’ve had the immense pleasure of meeti

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  • Tacchi morning tea #002

    Tacchi Morning Tea #002 (June 25, 2013) was pretty stimulating and tasty – with many more dropping by than we imagined! Thanks to the following for coming along (as you can see it was an all male affair…. where are the software-interested ladies on a Tokyo morning??):   Truls A

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  • Tacchi morning tea #001

    Tacchi Morning Tea #001 (June 11, 2013) filled our small studio with some pleasant discussion and delicious treats! Thanks to the following for coming along:   Truls A. Tangstad (@brunost) Norway Software development, gaming and enjoying life in wonderful and strange Tokyo. &n

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